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How to achieve circular economy for wind energy by managing EoL blades?

The number of blades disposed in the wind energy value chain is increasing. According to researchers, approximately 25,000 tonnes of blades are decommissioned annually. This includes turbine blades that are removed at the end-of-life (EoL) stage as well as blades that have been removed due to collision or other reasons. From a geographic perspective, Germany, Spain, and Denmark have to manage the highest number of dismantling operations. These three countries will account for 50% of all blade dismantlement annual volumes over the next ten years. Bridging the gap between what we should do to dispose of the EoL blades and what we can really achieve, LIFE CarbonGreen is successfully bringing forward new technologies and solutions to face these threatening sustainability challenge.

Our project lead, Ludwin Daal from BlueXPRT together with Gustav Frid from Vattenfall, will join in the Advanced Materials and Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade Forum where they discuss EoL strategies for wind blades and why is recycling an increasingly important issue for the wind industry. The conference will also encompass an interactive session where scientists, researchers, and attendees exchange ideas, explore, experience, and get involved in sharing and consuming information and proven working solutions to tackle the problems surrounding the management of wind turbine blades.

June 1st – LIFE CarbonGreen

11.30 PM – The Future of Wind Turbine Blade Recycling & Repurposing- An End-of-Life Opportunity

Panel discussion with Gustav Frid / Senior Environment & Sustainability Specialist / Vattenfall

12.30 PM – Presentation of LIFE CarbonGreen with Ludwin Daal, project lead

EoL blades given a new lease of life – How a solution can achieve:

  • Zero waste
  • Recycles 100% of all blade components
  • Needs no chemicals and uses only renewable electricity
  • Produces new composite (construction) materials

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A Europe-wide legal ban on burying decommissioned wind turbine blades in 2025?

Accelerating renewable energy supply-side projects and their deployment across sectors requires significantly more focus and engagement from public institutions. In the wind sector, they play an important role in assisting in innovation specifically for the environmental growth protection which will be achievable with the recycling of wind turbine blades.

This is one of the topics of the LIFE CarbonGreen project: want to know more? Get Involved – Carbon Green