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Recycling materials to greening our future...

Enabling Circular Economy Globally

Sustainable recycling of (Carbon) Fibre Composites and biomass waste to valued added CarbonGreen products. CarbonGreen is a 36 months LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency project


Imagine a world where everything is recycled: CarbonGreen aims at closing the carbon loop and creating new value materials with clear social impact.


One CarbonGreen product at the time, converting secondary raw materials into High Value Products for industrial, agricultural or water treatment purposes.


Scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, sociologists, chemists, economists are focusing together on implementing solutions to solve the environmental crisis.

The Problem

There are different carbon waste streams that don’t have a suitable recycling solution, like manure, biomass residues, digestate, spent activated carbon, carbon and glass fibre composites from end-of-life wind turbines.

Our Solution

Our process creates new high value products like fillers or activated carbon which can be used to purify our waters, air and soil. At end-of-life these CarbonGreen products can be recycled again in our process ensuring circularity.

Our Technology

CarbonGreen technology transforms secondary raw materials into products intermediates. The process only uses electricity, has no chemical consumption, other than some additives and produces no waste. The process ultimately produces basic compounds.

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Join us to green Europe and the World

Sustainable recycling of (Carbon) Fibre Composites and biomass waste to valued added CarbonGreen products is 40% co-funded with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community. From 2021 to 2024 CarbonGreen involves 6 partners and counts on a budget of 3,756,906 Euro to research and cooperate on Resource Efficiency, including soil and forests, and green and circular economy.

Let's Work Together

As responsible scientists and entrepreneurs, we commit to solutions in a highly complex world that are sustainable and inexpensive. Our core belief is that all people can benefit from our technologies. We put ourselves at the service of the people.