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Sustainable recycling of (Carbon) Fibre Composites and biomass waste to valued added CarbonGreen products
CarbonGreen is a 36 months LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency project

About LIFE CarbonGreen

The CarbonGreen project, co-funded under the LIFE20 ENV/NL/000200, is bringing a new solution able to transform secondary raw materials, like the wind turbine blades, into products or intermediates. The technology can process a variety of material streams.

In contrast to current methods, the process only uses electricity and has no chemical consumption, other than some additives, ultimately producing basic valuable compounds. Finally, these CarbonGreen products can be recycled again, ensuring circularity and zero waste.

Thanks to our innovations, we can support the wind industry in its ambitious goals towards a circular value chain.
Mr. Ludwin Daal
Director at Blue-Expert

Blue-Expert is the start-up that is coordinating the CarbonGreen Consortium (six partners from three EU countries). The process can create new high-value products like components for solar farms or activated carbon which can be used to purify our waters, air, and soil.