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The Route to Greening Europe

"Striving to be the first climate neutral continent"

The EU Green Deal: New European Union’s (EU) growth plan toward a sustainable economic model. 

The main goal of the EU Green Deal is to achieve climate neutrality as the first continent by 2050. This would lead to a cleaner environment, cheaper energy, smarter transportation, and also new sources of employmentoverall a higher standard of living that does not subtract from the environment. The EU Green Deal is supported by a number of financial streams worth more than €1 trillion. This investment will fund the implementation of the necessary policy changes for the EU’s economic expansion and climate neutrality.

The main initiatives of the EU Green Deal are:


        Clean energy.

        Sustainable industry.

        Buildings and renovations.

        Sustainable mobility.

        Eliminating pollution.

        Farm to Fork.

        Preserving biodiversity.

        Research and development.

        Preventing unfair competition from carbon leakage.

By transitioning to a clean, circular economy, the European Green Deal strives to increase resource efficiency, halt climate change, reverse biodiversity loss, and reduce pollution.

The LIFE Carbon Green project demonstrates new recycling routes for carbon rich waste streams. This enables the reuse of materials, and thus eliminate pollution through landfilling or other end-of-life approaches. Increasing the duration in which material circulate in value streams alleviates pressure on natural resources. A second life also means reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that more than 11,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be avoided during the project operation timeline. To put into perspective, around 3,300 acres would need to be planted each year to offset that amount of CO2