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LIFE CarbonGreen project at the EOLIS Seminar 2023

On the 22nd of November, BlueXPRT attended the EOLIS (End-of-Life Issues & Strategies) Seminar 2023 in Rotterdam, and the presentation on the LIFE CarbonGreen project was a success! Ludwin Daal shared a compelling case study on blade recycling projects, discussing the challenges, innovations, and remarkable results achieved in our exploration of sustainable strategies for end-of-life issues in the wind energy sector.

Learn more about the session here:

We’re thrilled to have contributed valuable insights to the discussion and look forward to further collaborations that propel us towards a more sustainable future!

Partners: Wind plus Sonne GmbH, Stichting Surplus, AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, Vattenfall, Asfalt Kenniscentrum, BlueXPRT.

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